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Rachel  is a graduate of the school of medicinal plants in Lyon and has the title of herbalist. She is also a florist.

Ambassador of the professional retraining fairs for women Profession'L , find her career path  in this article 

A few lines of life

A fter having traveled across Europe and the world for more than 25 years as a trainer and then for  the development of the Erasmus programme, I  looking for a place to offer quality accommodation: comfortable, refined and eco-responsible,  which can be the starting point for all-round discoveries of the plant world: herbal medicine, botany, floral art...  

Of  the guesthouse...

As soon as you walk through the door, you are caught up in the garden, this green paradise that invites you to sit down. 

I felt at home and many of my hosts tell me that they feel the same immediate feeling of well-being. Textures, smells, lights, sounds. Everything is there to feel a relaxing tranquility. 

Beyond first impressions, the guest house promotes:

  • sustainable tourism , respectful of the environment  

  • an epicurean and supportive slow life

...At the Botanical House

I trained in the plant world in its artistic and then therapeutic dimensions

floral art

I am a qualified florist. I work exclusively from plants gleaned locally. I weave twigs,  I dry and stabilize my plants before making wreaths, brooches, compositions with vintage vases... I botanically identify the species picked and I value wild grass, plants gone to seed with geometric shapes 

Medicinal plants and herbalism

The herbalist diploma has not been awarded in France since 1941. However, some renowned schools teach  herbalism. I am then  herbalist . It is not a profession but a recognition of certain knowledge. This certification is obtained after 3 years of study at the ELPM Lyon School of Medicinal Plants and Natural Knowledge . She attests  

  1. the ability to recognize medicinal plants, pick them, prepare them and use them safely.

  2. the acquisition of the know-how and practices of traditional herbalism as well as the most recent scientific knowledge in the field of medicinal plants, aromatherapy and nutrition.  


How to practice herbalism today? There are 4 main paths: the herbal farmers who cultivate, the processors who produce from plants, the "counter herbalists" who sell in shops and the  trainers who provide  transmission of knowledge. I have chosen this last path and I propose several activities to raise awareness of the plant world and medicinal plants.

The filigree white flower is the "Lady of eleven o'clock / Star of Bethlehem Ornithgalum umbellatum . It is my favorite plant.  I found it 5 minutes from my house  after successfully passing my last herbalist exam in the Pyrenees.. at 11 am;  


  On request for spring and summer 2022

Collective dates proposed from September 2022

  •   Individual accompaniment in herbalism

  • Plant workshops: herbalism, floral art, aromatherapy

  • Walks  botanicals  

  • Conferences and events

  • Floral art services on order: events and weddings

  • "all inclusive" weekend with botanical walks and artistic work in collaboration with Carole Collaudin


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